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Educate the Future

I teach Year 5 and lead ICT at my school. Since 2011, I’ve been in classrooms doing my best to educate the future. I find immense pleasure in seeing children succeed. There is no greater feeling than encouraging a young person to push through their limiting beliefs to achieve more than they’d previously thought possible. That’s the thing about teaching. We teach content. We teach to the curriculum. But teaching is far more than that. We give the students in our care the life skills and confidence to thrive in whatever they love to do. I currently teach a boy who loves to skateboard. He was struggling with a trick since Spring. He came to me last week; a smile beaming across his face. “Mr Sherry,” he exclaimed, “after that growth mindset lesson, I went home and believed I could do it – and I did! Can I show everyone the video?” From encouraging kids to solve difficult multiplication problems to hearing stories of them nailing a kickflip on their skateboard by using growth mindset gives you a buzzing feeling on the inside. The pride you feel for yourself is easily outweighed by the pride you feel for them.

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