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Education is a gift

Good education is, in my belief, the single most important thing we can impart to the younger generation. I am very motivated to equip young minds to learn more about the academic world, introducing them to mathematics, English and other subjects such as the arts, physical education and science. Equally important to convey, are life skills including treating others with respect, working in teams and learning how to be fit and healthy. I was first inspired to pursue teaching during my community service at Restore Community Church. I was mentored by an inspiring theological teacher who included me completely in assisting the children with their reading and understanding of the Bible. The children were involved in their learning and assessed their knowledge through fun games and educational based exercises. I was able to observe the academic gains from children working collaboratively in groups. I was also able to work with children who needed extra help on areas such as finding the life message from a parable. I saw the children develop and found this method of teaching very effective. I truly enjoy helping children to find their dreams and assisting them to achieve them. As children are our future I personally believe it is crucial that they are fostered with a solid education in order to face the world and succeed.

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