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Educational Leadership

I was working in a large architectural practice with the career path, ‘glass box’ stress of climbing the ladder when I sold everything and moved with family to the UK to study anthroposophy and Steiner Education at Emerson College. My brief time as a Primary Teacher with Education Queensland left me disillusioned with the system and this move presented an opportunity to delve deeper into the purpose of education. I was subsequently offered a position at the Samford Valley Steiner School where I became the founding teacher. The school was situated temporarily on a dairy farm in two relocated army barracks with about 25 children! It currently offers K-12 and is double streaming in the Preschool and primary School. In 2014 I moved to the Birali Steiner School, temporarily housed in the Beachmere Community Hall, as the Teaching Principal with 14 students. Four years later we have completed stage 1 of the building programme on 26 beautiful acres with over 50 students. I absolutely love my work and seeing children enjoying school as a place of learning brings me great happiness.

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