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From Madagascar to Australia

Despite my lifelong interest in education, one of my supervising teachers was one of the most inspiring people. It was in 2005, on an Island near Madagascar. The High School was a melting pot of beautiful cultures and people. Mr Bouscaren was in his 60’s, and after more than 40 years in schools his inner fire for learning and teaching was still growing day by day. During a debriefing session, he shared a reflection he had about the Korean movie: ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring’. He asked me what I thought of the pedagogical approach used by the old monk toward the novice monk. He listened to what I said, stayed silent for a while, smiled, and changed topic. This moment made me realise what being a teacher meant to me: selflessly being here for others’ flourishment without imposing any conditioning ideas or beliefs in their mind. After a few more years of self-education preparing myself for this challenge, I am now gladly back to the Educative scene and so fortunate to learn from USC tutors and lecturers. The ‘Teachers of Australia project’ is so positive, inspiring and will doubtlessly contribute to better relationships in and out classrooms.

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