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Laughter, lightbulbs and mood swings

I’m 13 years into my career now and I’ve taught in a range of contexts, from a coastal town, to a remote community, to the city suburbs and now in a country town. The one thing in common with all of these places? Teenagers are all the same. They want to be heard, treated with respect and validated as people with unique abilities, strengths, opinions and weaknesses. My job as a high school humanities teacher is to acknowledge who they are now and encourage them to broaden their horizons to who they will become. I want to be that teacher, the one who connects students beyond the content to the world and opportunities that exist for them later. I live for the laughter, the lightbulb moments, the mood swings and the challenges. Every day is an adventure with adolescents, it’s not always bright and cheery, it can be downright exhausting, frustrating and heartbreaking but I feel so privileged I get to do this every day.

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