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Making Music

If you work in Queensland, there is someone like me in your school: I take your class for roughly 30 minutes each week and I teach them how to sing, to play, to analyse, to compose, to think creatively, to code, to be great listeners and to encourage individual and group performances. Throughout my eight years of teaching in schools, I have spent seven on circuit working 3-4 schools a week. Last year I was honoured to have the role of looking after other music educators. This included sharing on new curriculum, sharing new music and presenting new technology and pedagogical approaches.

This year I am fortunate enough to be in one school. I have taught instrumental music both privately and with state education. While my major is on clarinet, I also play cornet in my local brass band and piano at church. I know that my students won’t all go on to pursue a career in music. That is not what I teach. I teach creative thinking and help my students to think outside the box. I am a Primary Music Educator.

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