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Male teachers are an endangered species

During High School, I had an amazing Industrial Technologies teacher. He had a tremendous sense of humour, profound teaching skill, educational zest and genuine interest in all students. As a result of all that I witnessed I decided to pursue teaching. I completed my Bachelor of Education in 1998. Since then I have completed my Graduate Certificate of Professional Learning and Master of Education. I have been teaching for 20 years. Within my career, I have been a teacher, Subject Coordinator, Deputy Head of Primary, eLearning Coordinator and Instructional Designer. During this time I have discovered many truths. The most important discovery is that our mission as educators is to introduce students to things they don't yet know they love. We must structure lessons, orchestrate activities and design learning opportunities that enrich education and ignite interest and enthusiasm. Within my teaching career, I have taught hundreds of children and young adults. Research has shown that "male teachers are an endangered species"; however, STEM, robotics, design thinking as well as the need for technology to be seamlessly blended through daily workflow and teaching makes the profession exciting. Responsibilities are evolving and professional males wanting to increase their sphere of influence and make a difference in this modern world must consider education. Our influence is great, our impact eternal and our reach greater than the walls of the classroom. I absolutely love teaching. I wouldn't trade my job for anything else. It's rewarding, challenging, satisfying and brings great joy.

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