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Searching for a deep sense of understanding

I am becoming a secondary teacher to help guide young adults in being their absolute very best. When I was in high school I had teachers that focused only on my education. This of course was important, however I feel that being a young adult about to enter the 'big bad world' support in all areas of life is needed. I believe it is important for students to know the English language inside and out and to understand how the past influences the future in History, although it is just as important for students to know how to use this in a real life context. I want students who I have had the pleasure of teaching to enter the world with confidence and the ability to apply themselves to achieve success in all areas of life. I would also love my students to not just know the dates of the past, but how to think critically about aspects of the world that will affect them. I want my students to read a novel not just as a story, but as a way to gain a deeper sense of knowledge and understanding about issues they have yet to face. And I want to be the teacher that does this. The teacher they remember. The teacher that guided them to succeed no matter who they were, where they came from or where they wanted to go. I cannot wait to be a teacher.

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