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Want to do 'everything'? Become a teacher!

arrived at teaching as the career I wanted to dedicate my life to after nearly a decade of exploring other paths. Science, maths, English, history, music... between finishing high school and beginning my primary teaching degree I studied them all. Looking back, my studies mirror our curriculum.

I always felt there was something wrong with me because I didn't know what single field was the one that I was 'meant for' or 'born to do'. The truth is, the answer was staring me in the face the whole time: I was meant for all of them. I was meant to be a teacher!

I always felt so unsatisfied shortly after choosing just one subject to study, and now I know it's because I have a passion for them all. A passion for learning in general! That's what I'm excited about passing onto my students and what I feel makes me suited to the profession - a genuine passion for all of the subjects of the curriculum and an insatiable desire to keep learning.

Suffice to say, the great privilege and responsibility of helping to mould young minds socially and emotionally as well is what makes this profession incomparably rewarding.

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