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Why Teach? This is why.

Why teach?

When you’re trying to pretend you’re not running on 5 hours of sleep and an abundance of caffeine, and they tell you ‘you look pretty today’.

When they find out you love cats, and therefore make every piece of writing related to or about cats.

When you read them Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and suddenly everything is still and they hang on each and every word.

When they listen intently to a story that may serve as a potential glimpse into your non-school life.

When they don’t take themselves too seriously.

When you explain it a different way and they go ‘OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’

When they ask that question that challenges an idea, a thought, an opinion.

When they ask ‘is there anything I can help or do?’ during their lunch time.

When they step outside the box.

When they care about their learning and genuinely want to do better.

That’s why.

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