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Working with honest and hilarious humans

I am a high school teacher because I am extremely passionate about inspiring, shaping and encouraging young people to achieve their potential. I love working with teenagers because they are the most interesting, creative, honest and

hilarious human beings. I am very grateful to work in an extremely multicultural school where the experiences and stories from students inspires my teaching and the person that I am today. My students are the reason I put my heart and soul into every aspect of my job. I love teaching Humanities & Social Sciences because I am able to connect the outside world with learning and encourage students to be well informed, positive members of society. I am the grateful Form Teacher of 21 Year 9 students who are the most incredible young people I have ever met. I feel so much purpose being able to be part of their high school journey and watch them flourish in their academic, sporting, arts or community endeavours. As someone who is very passionate about pastoral care and developing the whole child, I am in my element when I’m with my ‘kids’. Being a teacher is unlike any other profession and I am so grateful to be able to share my ideas with the future generations.

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