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Looking after kids was compulsory

Growing up surrounded by a large Greek family, looking after kids was compulsory. I realised teaching was for me from the love I had towards my two autistic twin cousins and the energy and passion they brought to my life. Studying teaching at the University of Notre Dame Sydney, I was able to pursue a love for culture and people around the globe, teaching in Kenya, Tanzania, East Timor and India, a part of service learning immersion programs over 4 years. From this, I developed a true understanding for the importance of education and teaching with a community minded approach. Teaching to me is a workplace where I get to see children thrive in a hub of creativity and exploration, creating their own tasks and being 21st century learners. I want my students to grow up with a sense of self confidence, a can-do attitude to life, and the ability to pursue their goals and dreams with resilience, perseverance and determination.

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