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Most Powerful Profession

I am a Teacher because I want to make a difference and have an impact in this world. Being able to inspire and be inspired every single day by my wonderful students and the teaching community truly is a blessing and I am so grateful to be a part of this exciting, powerful and life changing profession. I am a Secondary Humanities Teacher and absolutely love how I can teach my students about real life events and skills that transcend beyond the classroom. Having a HR background, I absolutely love equipping my students with life skills and tools that I believe are necessary for life outside of school eg how to prepare for a job interview or how to write a resume. Teaching is more than just content, but rather building positive relationships with incredible young adults and continuously learning every day. Being able to witness my students grow and reach heights that they couldn't even imagine is what motivates and drives me every single day. I am a very proud homeroom teacher of a group of amazing Year 12 students, and having the ability to empower and inspire my students into future leaders and active citizens is the most rewarding experience. To see the confidence of all my students blossom (both academically and personally) is what I live for. I truly believe teaching is the most powerful and important profession in the entire world and I am so happy that I made the career change.

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