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So Busy... So Rewarding!


oday I taught Arts to students in year 4 and Prep, had Junior Choir rehearsal, conducted a social skills group for year 6 boys and made plans for 2020 curriculum and excursions.

I'm a teacher because I believe that children need someone to empower them to reach their potential. I value and understand children are all different and that their goals, their needs and their journey will be vastly different to their peers, regardless of age, gender, race or religion. I view my students as individuals and get to know them for who they are so that I can work out what I need to do to be the teacher they need.

Teaching the whole school gives me a unique opportunity to engage in positive relationships with students from Prep to Year 6 and I'm learning new skills with every year I teach.

I'm passionate about providing a rich and integrated arts curriculum that applies research based pedagogical practices and processes to support student engagement and positive outcomes for every KLA of the arts.

My unique role means I can provide students with multiple opportunities for success- dance, drama, music, visual art, media arts. Every student feels like they belong in my room because they do. Every student will know they are valued, that their questions, concerns, thoughts and ideas are valued and that my boundaries are predictable.

I believe in the power of effective behaviour management to keep kids engaged and to maintain positive teacher-student relationships.

My role exhausts me, taxes my emotions, keeps me fit, confuses me, requires me to be flexible, requires more patience than I was born with and more energy than I ever thought I had. I wouldn't do anything else. I didn't choose teaching, it chose me and I can't imagine doing anything else.

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