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Teaching With and For Autism

I am an autistic teacher. Why is this a big deal? I am a passionate advocate for inclusion in education, and so it’s important for me to be able to be open about my neurology, so kids learn to understand that autistic children or any child with a learning issue can look forward to being an adult that enriches society. I want kids to be proud of their differences and realise we are not ‘broken’ but different. I wish I’d have had an adult that was just like me when I was growing up. I’ve always loved teaching. Kids are refreshing, often incredibly shrewd, and their enthusiasm for learning is infectious. They teach me so much as well. The role of the teacher has changed a lot over my career, but at the heart of it still lies a desire to foster a love of learning that will hopefully keep going way beyond school. The aim is to create lifelong learners that are resilient and able to contribute to improving our world in so many ways. I couldn’t think of a job I’d rather do more!

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