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Value and Worth

I trained as a primary school teacher because I wanted to be a positive influence in the lives of future generations. I wanted to be that teacher that inspired, nurtured and encouraged his students to be proud of who they are and all that they had to offer the world. As I entered this incredible but demanding profession, I discovered there is nothing more powerful or fulfilling than witnessing the vibrancy of a child’s smile when they mastered something they once struggled with. There is nothing more poignant or inspiring to an educator than seeing the sense of accomplishment written across a little face when they recognise their achievement was a direct result of their effort and determination. Knowing that you played a small role in encouraging and facilitating that sense of self-belief is why I am so passionate about education. As a school leader I motivate and challenge my staff to not only be the coach, but to also be the loudest in the crowd, cheering every student on… because every child needs to be told that they are enough. Every child needs to be shown that they have value and worth.

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