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Working with and for ASD and ADHD

Hi I'm Connor, I decided in 2012 that I wanted to be a teacher not because I had amazing teachers myself but because I wanted to be that teacher who inspired my students to love learning and love life. Honestly I wasn't an amazing child growing up, I struggled with ASD and ADHD. I had a hard time fitting into school. I even got told to move schools at the age of 5. In school I didn't find support in my teachers and each and every teacher that I connected with quickly left the schools I was at. Since graduating from ACU in 2017 I have worked in a range of schools; special schools, overseas, private and state schools. Every school I taught at I made sure that my students were happy and every child had a voice. I taught my students that everyone is the same and that learners learn in different ways. I teach so that no student should feel like I did going through school. I teach so students love to come to school instead of dread it.

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