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Communicating through Music

I am a teacher because I love the young people I work with. I have taught for 16 years, overseas and in Australia, in high schools and in primary schools, and have never come across a group of young people who don't keep me on my toes, inspire me, and keep me accountable to make sure I'm effective in my teaching. I began teaching music as I believe every child has a right to express themselves with music, and that creating music together can bring diverse groups of people together. Ultimately... music is one of the most human things we can do, and allows us to speak when words just don't work. Every day I see students who struggle with language, numeracy or social interactions thrive in my classroom. They can hear and make sense, they can communicate through sound, and can take part in a social experience that doesn't require awkward body language or social norms. An education from talented, passionate and inspiring teachers can change lives, I am lucky enough to see this in action each and every day.

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